Every year, our employees at Credit Associates, Inc raise funds for a local non-profit through fundraising events. Toby's House Crisis Nursery was almost unanimously chosen as the recipient of this year's donation!

Toby's House offers urgent or emergency care for children ages 0-6. Toby's House provides a welcoming and nurturing environment at no cost to families.

What do families use the Crisis Nursery for?
There are many reasons people utilize a crisis nursery for crisis, respite, and transitional care until there is stable childcare available. Some of these include:
· There is not a safe place for a child to stay while resolving personal issues
· Someone is not capable of taking care of their child as they would like
· An important appointment but no one safe to leave a child with
· When stress and life’s problems are becoming too much to tolerate and could result in taking it out on a child or when someone feels they are losing control
· Medical emergencies where a caregiver needs immediate assistance with temporary childcare
· Mental health, substance abuse/sobriety support
· Foster care parent respite
· Emergency custody/custody issues
· Will lose their job if they miss more work
· Being waitlisted for daycares or daycare is closed
· Grandparents caring for grandchildren
(Courtesy of Toby's House Crisis Nursery - tobyshousemt.org)
Want to help? Visit: Donate » Toby's House Crisis Nursery (tobyshousemt.org)
Toby’s House
P.O. Box 2725
Great Falls, MT 59403
Email them at: director@tobyshousemt.org

Toby’s House Crisis Nursery is a registered non-profit organization committed to the prevention of child abuse and neglect by providing immediate refuge and safety for children.